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Welcome to the Mecca Programming WikiEdit

Mecca is a different way of programming batch. We make it a little but more real by using code that looks nothing like batch, but it is! Requires .NET 4 and above! A good knowledge of batch would help too.

Download here!

Mecca Program and it's posibilites!Edit

It's posibilites are almost endless. you can almost achive anything you can in batch, just in a different format.


Normal Batch;Edit

if %string1% gtr %string2% echo It's bigger!

Mecca Batch;Edit

if (%string% > %string2%) {; It's bigger!
} else {; It's smaller!

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    New page: Nice and simple stuff here!Please note, when you have a string, it's still displayed like %this%! To display text, you type;; (text and

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