Nice and simple stuff here!
Please note, when you have a string, it's still displayed like %this%!

To display text, you type;; (text and strings) This is the equivalent of 'echo blah'
To save this text to a file, you add c:Text.txt
to the end of it; Looking like this:;; c:Text.txt

To set a string, you type;
string (stringname)=(string)

Here are file option codes to type in: File.copy; (filefolderlocation) (folderlocation) - Copy a file or folder File.move; (filefolderlocation) (folderlocation) - Move a file or folder File.del; (filefolderlocation) - Delete a file or folder; (filelocation) - Read the contents of a file; (filefolderlocation) - Open a file or folder File.print; (filelocation) - Print a file

To allow custom input, type;
text.input; (stringname)=(somestarttext)

To add a pause, type;

To add a location in you're code (like :here), Type;
Loc.set; (name)
To go to it, type;
Loc.goto; (name)

To make a new folder, type;; (name)

To call a batch file, type;
Batch.load; (File.bat)

Now, the main thing, the IF statement

Available Operators; == - Equals =x - Not equal > - More than < - Less than >= - Equal or more than <= - Equal or less than

String's can be user input's or set strings
To add an if statement, type; There must be spaces where I have put them!

if (%string1%(Or text)(Operator)%string2%(Or text)) {
//do stuff here!
} (Not required from here!) else {
//do more stuff here!

To change the window name, type;
Window.title; (title)

To remove parameters, type;

To exit the program, type;

To clear the screen, type;

To start another program, type;
Other.start; (Location)

To change the colour of the window, type;
Available colours: black blue green aqua red purple yellow white


To use robocopy, type;
Dir.rcopy; (atribs here)

To replace a file, type;
File.replace; (file1) (file2)

To rename a file, type;
File.rename; (file) (newname)

To check a directory, type;
Other.cdir; (Folder)

To kill a task, type;
Other.tkill; (task)
To list all task's type;

To remove a directory, type;
Dir.rdir; (folder)

To do the tree command, type;
Dir.tree; (atribs here)

To list user's on the computer, type;
To get info for one account, type;
Net.account; (Username) (*(Add this to change user's password))
To see all incoming and outgoing connections(IPS), type;

Sample programs!Edit

Normal batch;Edit

@echo off
title Hello world!
echo Hello world!
set /p string=1 or 0:
if %var%==1 echo It's 1!
if %var%==0 echo It's 0!

Mecca batch;Edit

Window.title; Hello World!; Hello world!
text.input; string=1 or 0:
if (%var% == 1) {; It's 1!
} if (%var%==0) {; It's 0!
} Time.pause

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